Submit Your Condo For Listing

July 14, 2018 – Due to spam from Russia I am closing this site to new submissions.  

If you wish to list your condo or find a condo to rent, please contact Lidia (see details at the bottom of this page).

Owners, Managers & Realtors Please Submit This Form For Each Condominium Apartment You Wish To Advertise.

Names and Email Addresses are for the use of Management Only and will not be shown on the website, with the exception of the First Name of the Contact(s).  All email addresses are obfuscated and not viewable by humans, robots or software.

It is my intention get responses to your ad by having the most complete and honest evaluation of what the renter or buyer can expect.  I will present it with many excellent photos, and the most positive comments about its best features.  BUT, I will also  include information of what is Not Included so that a prospective tenant will know what they need to bring with them, or be prepared to purchase after they arrive.

If your apartment has mosquito netting instead of proper screens, that’s OK.  If you don’t provide bedding or dishes, that’s OK.  There are people, such as myself, who would rather do without (for a better price) than to have all the extras that we might not need.  For me it’s all about the budget, and I know I’m not alone in that requirement.

If your apartment has leaks, that’s OK too.  We will promote it with a positive spin, that repairs are a priority of this new administration, and NOW is the time to rent or buy at a great price BEFORE the repairs start.  For renters, again, if people know about it, many are willing to put up with it, if it makes the condo more affordable for them.  It should not be a surprise after they arrive.

If you don’t like the way I present your condo we can certainly discuss any changes that you may wish, but know that I will not post things like “ocean view” or other misleading comments, as I have been asked.  This website will be absolutely honest in its presentation of properties, and if, after I do all the work, you don’t like it, I will remove it from the website and you are under no obligation to pay me anything.

I require no down payment.  You pay only after you have seen the listing.  You will then have two days to make payment.  I accept only PayPal so if you do not have an account you may wish to open one now.

If you wish to submit your own photos please follow these guidelines:

    1.  Rooms must be shown as they will appear to someone arriving.  i.e. clean and tidy with nothing in the room that will not be there for the renter.  Please hide exposed cables and cords as much as possible.


  1.  Images must be high resolution, at least 700 px by 700 px at 72 dpi.


Note to Owners: 

If you are looking for someone on location to show your property I highly recommend Lidia in Apt 309 or phone her at (829) 447-7726.

She is a retired doctor who speaks Russian, French, English and Spanish.

She is an honest and honourable woman who can be trusted.