If you want your condo/residence seen by the greatest number of potential clients, the CaribeCampo.com website is your best bet.
The creator, Mary is a whiz on the computer.
OK, I know. Isn’t everybody?

But she is also a superb photographer,
an excellent designer,
an articulate writer
with translation apps and Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and French proof reader contacts.

She is just obsessive enough about presenting the positive attributes of your place, to the greatest number of clients, at the lowest cost to you, that putting your place on her web site should be a No-Brainer.

Did you know that words and phrases like “apartment for rent Dominican Republic”, “apartments for rent Sosua”, “apt for rent Sosua DR”, “Caribe Campo Sosua”, “Dominican Republic”, “Terraza Tropimar Sosua”, “DR”, “rentals”, “condo sales”, “condo rentals”, “condo for rent”, “apartment rentals”, “holiday”, “vacation”, “suite”, “1 bedroom”, “one bedroom”, “2 bed-room”, “two bedroom”, “condo”, “rental”, “beach”, “beaches”, “sea”, “ocean”, “ocean view”, “tropical”, “kite surfing”, “surfing”, “golf”, “swimming”, “deep sea fishing”, “snorkeling”, “scuba diving”, “fishing tours”, “sightseeing” will aid in Search Engine Optimization (getting your condo near the top of the list in a Google search )?
But there are many more strategies involved to accomplish this.
Piece of cake for Mary!

How do I know all this?
Because I have witnessed her evolution over the past 16 years from tiny little computer geek to
super heavyweight computer guru, both metaphorically and literally, with many successful websites to her credit. She knows what she’s doing!

Did I mention I am her brother?
OK, connection revealed. However everything I have written here is true.
So check out the web site, CaribeCampo.com

What have you got to lose?

Garry Hamilton (Apt #201)
(brother of the president and head mucky muck of the company)